We are glad you consider SysTools Affiliate Marketing program. Our affiliates are really important to us. We have designed this agreement by keeping you in mind, and to protect you, SysTools and our customers from any problem. Please go through it once. In case of any query, feel free to contact us at

If you are about to start with SysTools Affiliate Marketing program, it is important for you to agree wiih the terms and policies mentioned in the agreement below. Please read and understand the TOS first in order to be safe and prevent yourself from being banned by SysTools.

1. Application Approval or Rejection
We have the complete right to approve or reject your Affiliate Program applicaton in our solely and discretion. You will have no legal choice against us for the rejection of your Affiliate Marketing Program application.

2. Right of Termination
We can suspend or terminate your affiliate program agreement at any point due to any of the following reasons:
 Improper advertisements (such as untrue claims, misleading hyperlinks, etc.)
 Spamming (mass email, mass blog posting, mass newsgroup posting, etc.)
 If you advertise on sites that promote or contain any illegal activities.
 Self referrals, fraudulent transactions, suspected Affiliate fraud.
In addition to the foregoing, SysTools reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate account at anytime, for any violations of this Agreement or no reason.

3. PPC Policy
Affiliates are not allowed to do PPC bidding wiihout any prior written permission. In addition, you are also not allowed to run PPC with our brand name i.e., SysTools, or SysTools product name.

4. Affiliates Links
You are allowed to use the affiliates links provided by us for our product marketing. There is no such limitation imposed by SysTools on affiliates.

5. Refunds
In the event a customer requests a refund for any transaction for which the Affiliate has earned commissions, the earned commissions on the refunded amount will also be deducted from the Affiliate’s balance.

6. Cookies Stuffing
Cookie stuffng is considered as an unethical way of marketing that has consequences. However, the affiliates found to be engaged in cookie stuffing  can easily ban or terminated by us or network, as it comes under the purview of affiliate fraud.

7. Brand Name
You are not allowed to use word ‘SysTools’ or it’s other trademarks in any of your domain name.
It would be considered as the violation of terms and agreement.

8. Usage and Obligations
Marketing resources usage and obligations for an affiliate is defined below:
 You are not allowed to copy content from web pages.
 Avoid publishing sales articles with large number of SysTools affiliate links. Try to create some useful content also. Sometmes, its good to not sell anything and just to help or teach people to drive traffic.
 You are not allowed to use SysTools product description nor reviews in your page.

9. Coupon and Deal Sites
Affiliates are allowed to share only that coupons and deals, which are offered by SysTools on that point of tme. Or you can share the discount offers provided by us to you wiih customers. You are not allowed to share any coupon and deals from your side without informing us.

10.Term of the Agreement / Modifcation
The term of this Agreement begins upon your acceptance in the Program and will end when your Affiliate account is terminated.

The terms and conditions of this agreement may be modified by us at any time. If any modifcation to the terms and conditions of this Agreement are unacceptable to you, your only choice is to terminate your Affiliate account. Your continuing participaton in the Program will
constitute your acceptance of any change.