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WebAnimator plus 3

WebAnimator plus 3

Merchant: Incomedia


Create professional web animations in HTML5.

WebAnimator plus is the perfect choice for those seeking the freedom to create animated content in

HTML5: easily add banners, buttons, slideshows, product presentations, mini-games, and many other graphic elements to your own webpages or online stores. Thanks to an intuitive interface, working with WebAnimator plus is easy: you can insert your own content onto the stage, apply properties using the various panels, work on the timeline, and choose from libraries of effect pre-sets. Plus, you can take your animations to the next level by taking advantage of a full range of advanced features: thanks to an integrated JavaScript integrator and a set of APIs, you can edit the objects' code directly, for example, and create even more complex animations.

HTML5 animations made with WebAnimator plus are compatible with all the latest browsers and are responsive, so they'll be displayed seamlessly on any type of desktop or mobile device.

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