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Today, we have the pleasure of bringing to your attention one of our successful affiliate partnerships, VIP Affiliate Network, the best choice for super affiliates. They have been a part of our network for some time and we have succeeded in developing a special bond that helps both parties reach their goals.

Christos Proitsis, Director at VIP Affiliate Network, will tell us a few of their secret ingredients for success as a publisher, even in times of a pandemic.

1. How long have you been working in the affiliate marketing industry and what's your main role at VIP Affiliate Network?

I have been in the affiliate marketing industry since 2005, and I am the Director for VIP Affiliate Network. On my day-to-day I focus mostly on the growth and development of strategic partnerships.

2. What's your biggest affiliate marketing challenge right now, and why?

Dealing with COVID-19 and the impact that it has had on the online marketing industry. We see traditional marketing channels literally disappearing whereas new ones are emerging rapidly. The biggest challenge is to spot the right trends early and adapt our strategies to them quickly to make sure that we are on that train.

3. How has the pandemic affected your business?

With regards to our business, anything related to the travel industry is practically dead. However we do see a spike in consumer demand when it comes to software products, fashion and accessories, home and garden products (people stay home a lot so they always repair things/buy things for their home), and also financial products. Therefore, our focus has shifted to those types of clients, and we are trying to capitalize on the existing market trends that the COVID-19 pandemic has created globally.

4. Name the most successful affiliate project you've worked on. What do you think made it successful?

Working with one of the biggest Asian platforms when it was initially launched, on a CPA basis. It was a great model and a very fast-growing market to be in at the time, with huge potential. What made it successful was the fact that we were able to utilize advance targeting techniques combined with demographics data, and there was a very competitive pay-out by the client.

5. Can you tell us three digital marketing trends every company should look at and prepare for in the next two years?

  • To focus heavily on content creation/content monetization. Users are becoming increasingly informed and like to read, compare information, and get convinced before buying.
  • To focus on native advertising channels. Native ads are less disruptive than normal display ads and come across as a natural extension of the website/social media feed.
  • The adoption of AI technology in terms of analyzing consumer behavior and search patterns.

6. How do you think our network helps VIP Affiliate Network achieve its goals as an affiliate? offers a huge range of software affiliate programs that come with extremely competitive pay-outs. That is definitely a plus for our affiliates since they can afford to maintain a good margin for their marketing campaigns. Moreover, offers proprietary technology that is combined with a comprehensive range of ad materials and a very accurate reporting system in place. All of these factors are helpful for our partners in terms of maximizing their potential and marketing efforts.

7. Any advice for affiliate newcomers who are promoting software and digital goods?

Targeting the right audience and using the right demographics are the main key elements. Try to focus on people who are already software users and are keen on/interested in technology. Creating unique content and engaging potential customers with it is also highly advisable.

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