Get ready to be paid on a constant basis by selling online services and Saas products from our top recurring commissions merchants! All while offering your customers the best tools to maximeze their work efforts and increase the efficiency in day-to-day activities. Everything is set for you to start cashing in!
Tom's Planner - Project Management

1st sale: 25% payout
Renewal: 25% payout

Offer your clients the perfect solution for their project planning needs: Tom's Planner. It allows them to store, share and manage Gantt charts online, representing an easy and secure way to share and collaborate on Gantt charts with clients or their team.

Cookie Life: 180 days
Vendor code: TOMSPLAN
Total Defense - Security Tools

1st sale: 35% payout
Renewal: 35% payout

Total Defense is an award-winning solution that will keep your clients PCs secure. Sell them the Antivirus, PC Tune-Up, Online Backup, Unlimited Security and Premium Security Tools and get your reward!


Cookie life: 120 days
Vendor code: TOTALDEF
Padicode - Web Analytics Software

1st sale: 15% payout
Renewal: 15% payout

The best way from visitors to customers is via email subscribers. Give your customers the possibility to increase mail lists by targeting only the visitors that are most likely to subscribe.

Cookie life: 120 days
Vendor code: PADICODE
MochaDocs - Contract Management Solution

1st sale: 20% payout
Renewal: 20% payout

MochaDocs provides an innovative, SaaS-based Contract Management solution that helps anyone manage contracts easily. The solution won Avangate's Business of Software scholarship competition in 2013.

Cookie life: 180 days
Vendor code: MOCHADOC
TweakBit - PC Speed Up & Optimizer

1st sale: 70% payout
Renewal: 70% payout

TweakBit is dedicated to making high-quality innovative software that let clients easily tweak, clean, speed up, fix and optimize their computers without having to learn any special technical skills.

PCookie life: 180 days
Vendor code: AUSTWEAK
VPN4ALL - Online Streaming Provider

1st sale: 60% payout
Renewal: 60% payout

VPN4ALL is a no-harware-required subscription-based VPN service which combines enhanced VPN technology, fast global VPN server network and easy-to-use VPN client for Windows and Mac.

Cookie life: 120 days
Vendor code: VPN4ALL
AtomPark Software - Email Management Tools

1st sale: 30% payout
Renewal: 30% payout

Provide your customers a valuable, wide range of email marketing software including email extractor, bulk email sender, email harvester, email verifier, list manager and other mass email software.

Cookie life: 120 days
Vendor code: ATOMAW
Keep & Share - Business App Solution

1st sale: 40% payout
Renewal: 10% payout

Promote a smart collaboration tool used to keep all information in one place. It is an application that provides online calendars, word processing, file storage, photo sharing and to do lists.

Cookie life: 120 days
Vendor code: KEEPANDS
Retina - X - Monitoring Software

1st sale: 45% payout
Renewal: 45% payout

Retina-X Studios is a popular software vendor that develops computer and cell phone monitoring applications focused on computers, smartphones, tablets and networks.

Product ID: 180 days
Vendor code: RETINAXS
Sticky Password - Password Manager 

1st sale: 25% payout
Renewal: 25% payout

Offer your customers a powerful and flexible password manager, with plenty of useful features that wil ease their work.  

Cookie life: 180 days
Vendor code: LAMANTIN
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