Hot Trend: Attribution in Performance Marketing

What You Need to Know to Build a Strong Affiliate Channel

Webinar Duration: 30 minutes
Rick Gardiner

Rick Gardiner
iAffiliate Management

iAffiliate Management
Cristian Miculi

Cristian Miculi
Sr. Manager, Alliances

The same holds true in the affiliate channel: Are certain affiliates more valuable and influential in the sales process? How can you reward them appropriately for their role in referring you a new customer?

Marketing professionals want to understand their customers journey prior to a purchase being made. They need to know which marketing channels are most effective in moving the customer through the sales funnel.

Watch this webinar to get the scoop on attribution in the affiliate channel. Learn why some companies are moving away from the "last-click wins" model and paying out affiliates differently

Rick Gardiner, Affiliate Marketing Expert and CEO of iAffiliate Management and Cristian Miculi, Senior Manager for Affiliate Services at Avangate share insights on:

  • What is affiliate attribution and how does it apply to affiliate marketing
  • Latest industry trends & discussions surrounding affiliate attribution and building strong affiliate channels
  • When will affiliate marketing go mainstream
  • Examples of how merchants implement affiliate marketing in productive ways

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