Top Myths & Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing


Webinar Duration: 30 minutes
Geno Prussakov

Geno Prussakov
Founder and CEO,
AM Navigator

AM Navigator
Shannon MacLeod

Shannon MacLeod
Director, Conversion Optimization,
Avangate Network

Every day, news articles talk about affiliate marketing, all the money being made there, and how it's the hot new way to grow your business. But does all this hype make you take pause?

Do you wonder if affiliate marketing is worth the effort? Maybe the reason you've hesitated is because of common misconceptions. There is an array of erroneous information out there about what affiliate marketing really is and how it works - it's time to learn the facts.

Industry veteran and affiliate marketing thought leader, Geno Prussakov, will take you through some of the most popular myths and misconceptions surrounding affiliate marketing, analyze and debunk them, and help you get the most out of your affiliate marketing endeavors.

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