6 Principles of High Converting Landing Pages



Duane Brown

Duane Brown
Performance Marketer

Shannon MacLeod

Shannon MacLeod
Conversion Optimization Consultant
Avangate Network

A landing page will either make or break your marketing campaign.

Hear Duane Brown of Unbounce as he shares best practices for creating landing pages that convert, and specific tips for a/b testing your landing pages.

Duane shows how to create an awesome landing page hassle-free (without a web designer or developer). As a marketer, your landing page is the most critical element in converting traffic, and has the biggest potential for leakage.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The 6 key elements to a great landing page
  • How to message match your ads and landing pages
  • Three tips for optimization with a/b testing
  • How to create a better experience for your customers

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