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Merchant: Visicom Media
Commission: 25%

ManyCam is a webcam software designed to improve the functionality of webcams while livestreaming, chatting, teaching and web conferencing.
With ManyCam, you can create professional-looking broadcasts on any platforms and even record your screen. You can easily manage the sources, the images, the voice, the background image in real time.

ManyCam most popular features are:
Multiple video sources, Picture-in-Picture, Chroma key (Green screen), Video effects, Face accessories, Screen sharing, Live streaming, Video recording, Lower third, RTMP feature, Motion detection, YouTube integration, 4K support video, Draw & add text to video, Broadcast to multiple channels simultaneously, Mobile source. And much more.

The visitors that come to us from your site are traced for at least 30 days, so if they buy even in a month or two, you will still get your money from the sale.
We will provide you with banners and links to use on your site. All you have to do is place them so that they are easily noticed by your visitors, then start counting monthly revenues.