Case Study Increases Affiliate Sales by 21% with the Avangate Avengers Contest

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Onofrio Tota, Co-founder,
Onofrio Tota Co-founder,

"I have been part of the Avangate Affiliate Network since early 2010. In these 10+ years, there have been many improvements: better assistance and support dedicated to affiliates, many new merchants and market-leading products, plus initiatives and contests to increase sales. I appreciate the Avangate Affiliate Network for quite a few reasons: 24/7 technical support, the ability to always get answers in case of doubts or problems, the reliability of the tracking system, the large number of products and sellers in the network, and then punctuality and seriousness in the payment of commission", Onofrio Tota, Co-founder,


About SoftStore started its journey about 13 years ago when Onofrio Tota began creating technology blog posts and writing reviews and tutorials on freeware and shareware services and software. Initially, it was just a passion, but over time, the birth of affiliate programs in the software field turned the site into a viable business. In addition to offering guides and reviews, Onofrio's website has become a showcase for purchasing software and a reference point for receiving assistance in using the applications.The site mainly promotes data recovery software, data transfer software between mobile devices, and photo and video editors. One of their most successful affiliate projects is the Wondershare PDF editing software.

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Project: Increases Affiliate Sales by 21% with the Avangate Avengers Contest

Context and Objectives

Affiliates love our annual sales contests. The latest “Avangate Avengers” affiliate contest was held over the winter holidays. The campaign gathered special offers for hundreds of digital goods products and increased affiliate commissions from 27 of our top software merchants.

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Case Study
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Solution & Results

During the contest period, Onofrio chose to promote offers from several participating affiliate programs, focusing on the Wondershare offer. His promotional strategy is based on SEO and content marketing, with frequent updates. Almost all site traffic comes from search engines, and for holidays or special events, SoftStore sends email newsletters to more than 100,000 subscribers. Onofrio also has YouTube channels where software tutorial videos are published, and these are appreciated by inexperienced users.

  • 21% + increase in sales
  • 27% more earnings
  • first-place winner in the winter contest

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